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St Andrew's School - 19th February

Updated: Mar 5

This was a superb post 'Half Term' debating session. Our skill focus this week looked at working as a 'team'. Most debating is held in a team format and those participating will be expected to work with others to succeed. For those wanting to win a debate, to be convincing as possible, harmony and teamwork are an obligation - we discussed the apt line: 'teamwork divides the task, multiplies the success'. 


Our warm up question asked:

What was the highlight of your 'Half Term'?

This saw a superb list of activities, but importantly with excellent justification for 'why' they were highlights.

The list included amongst others:

Skiing, visiting Grandparents, catching up with friends, Isle of Wight trips, Club and Sporting activities/camps including climbing, hockey and rugby, Theatre evenings and long walks. 

Our newsrounds were extremely impressive including reference to: football news, the War in Ukraine and changing military leadership under Zelensky and the conflict in Gaza, Space discoveries and the death of Alexei Navalny. 

With a budget on the horizon and news of a recession at the end of 2023, we looked at the motion with the perspective of the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer as to whether,

(i) 'This House would spend more money on education rather than on healthcare'?  

Voting remained relatively split down the middle at both tellings, recognising of course that this was something of a 'chicken and egg' discussion. Many felt the essential points of life required good healthcare and the NHS it was argued needs more investment to bring down waiting times and improve care, whilst others felt that education and more public spending there would be needed to make medical advances and to provide the next generation of medical professionals. 

Our second debate (again with public spending in mind and the forthcoming March budget) was on the motion:

(ii) 'This House would invest in more Nuclear Power (for energy)'.

Here it was felt that other renewable energy sources would be better, such as tidal energy, rather than creating a longer term problem with radioactive waste/decommissioning nuclear power stations. Others argued that the example of France and cheaper energy bills (in the cost of living) should be used and that more investment in Nuclear was needed to improve our energy security. Overall the voting went against the motion. Excellent debating, active listening and teamwork from the group and we much look forward to next week and carrying on the discussion then! 

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