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St Andrew's School - 9th February

It was great to work with St Andrews today, we had a very enjoyable session and I was most impressed by the students inquisitiveness and engagement with the topic.

We began the session by discussing the importance of understanding and anticipating the oppositions arguments, referencing Sun Tzu and The Art of War for inspiration.

We then moved into our topic of the day, this week we looked at the recent controversy in the US over Chinese spy balloons and whether or not it was right for Joe Biden to order their destruction? Before moving into the debate we had a wide ranging discussion on the relationship between the USA and China, the political status of Taiwan and the history of international espionage. In the debate itself both sides performed very well, arguing with great gusto.

This week we selected judges from the class who were responsible for providing feedback and voting on a winning team.

I was very impressed by the quality of the feedback provided and the maturity with which the students handled their responsibility.

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