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St. Kitts International Academy Debating & Public Speaking Club - 19th March

Updated: Apr 24

St. Kitts International Academy Debating & Public Speaking Club

This was an another excellent session with our SKI Debating & Public Speaking Club. Our skill focus this week looked at Summary Speaking and how best to conclude a debate. 

Our newsround saw topics raised from questions surrounding TikTok in the USA to weather events and climate change. We also discussed Putin's 5th term election in Russia and the volcanic activity in Iceland. 

Our warm up question asked:

'What is your favourite holiday destination and why?'

This saw contrasting options from Japan to Staycations. Food, relaxation and culture weighed heavily on the selections. 

The first motion for our central debates asked whether:

(i) 'This House would prefer to live in the City or the Countryside?'

Here, voting was unanimous for the Countryside. Space, scenery, better air quality were all given as key reasons. 

As has been custom during the sessions, each side then swapped to allow for proposition and opposition work. 

The second motion turned to the question of whether:

(ii) 'Sporting ticket prices should be cheaper to improve accessibility'.

Voting again was unanimous, but more nuanced that the debating motion - the group wanted a range of pricing options, to make sure that sporting events raised the revenue to pay for players, but at the same time allowed greater accessibility. 

Overall some very impressive argumentation - well done!

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