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St. Kitts International Academy Debating & Public Speaking Club - 21st May

This week saw another superb session at our SKI Debating & Public Speaking Club.

Our skill focus this week looked at Persuasive Language including flattery, opinion, hyperbole, triples, imperative commands and rhetorical questions amongst other examples. 

After hearing about the SKI Talent Show with an emphasis on Performing Arts, we then then turned to our interview style philosophical questions with an emphasis on 'why'/justification?:

'Should we write by hand or type?'

Here arguments centred on tradition, a skill to preserve, a technique for memory and revision; against speed, efficiency, and real-life application from school typed work to the job market. 

Our newsround saw reference to the Icon of the Seas, the Singapore airline flight, eagles changing their flightpath in Ukraine and the Trump trial.

Our first debate focussed on whether longstanding businesses and traditions should be retained in a country even if they are no longer as economically viable as before - this was prompted by the decline of the Cuban sugar-cooperative industry. In addition we looked at Chat GPT and whether this was useful for education and we asked whether the wealth of a leader (as with Rishi Sunak PM) can be an asset or a disadvantage for leadership. 

In the spirit of technology our second formal debate looked at the premier league VAR discussion as to whether assistant referee technology should be scrapped? We then expanded this motion to include technology on decision making in sport more generally to tennis, cricket, rugby union and even the Olympics.  

Well done all on a great session! 

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