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St. Kitts International Academy Debating & Public Speaking Club - 6th February

It was great to see the progress being made in our SKI Debating & Public Speaking Club and the ability to see both sides to each motion/debate and then argue those differing points of view. For this week we looked at the skill of speaking with 'conviction' and with particular emphasis on affirmative tone, active voice, body language and careful vocabulary choice.

Our newsround saw topics raised from the Amazon rainforest to the health of King Charles III. 

Our warm up question asked:

'What would you like to be when you are older?'

This saw a tremendous selection of ideas from medical biologist to author and fisherman. 

(i) Our first motion involved a discussion of how we get to school and whether we might walk to school to help with environmental issues?

Following a very lively discussion on the health benefits of walking, it was felt by the group that it was unrealistic given distance and climate to have journeys made by foot. That said, the group did feel that sometimes during the year this idea might be a good one as part of a school plan. Ultimately - distance, climate - weather, childcare costs, disability, and practicality with siblings going to different schools made it impossible for now to see the figure move much higher for St Kitts. 

(ii) For our second debate we turned to the motion: 'This House prefers packed lunches to school lunches'.

Here the voting split with much of the discussion that there would be less waste with packed lunches as this involved food preferences and one did not want to be tired in the afternoon if you had not got enough energy from your lunch. The question of enough variety for those with allergies or other dietary requirements also moved many to favour a packed lunch option - at the same time it was also felt that the school could deal with allergies better than individuals. Focus, attention and energy for afternoon sessions remained at the forefront of the discussion as well as the health/nutritional value of the lunch being provided, with it being critical to have a healthy lunch for a healthy mind and body if one had sport later in the day. The classic motto mens sana in corpore sano came to mind.  

(iii) Our third motion looked at a ban on plastic water bottles. 

Here the voting split between those in favour on a gradual basis (provided drinking water improved) with those against arguing that more energy would be used to find plastic alternatives, or indeed a more recyclable plastic would be the option. The group also argued for improving drinking water quality around the world to help tackle the issue with a unanimous vote in favour of helping tackle plastic waste in the Seas and Oceans. 

Another superb session - well done SKI!

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