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St Philip's School - 30th April

This was another excellent session with our St Philip's Debating & Interview Club. 

Our skill focus this week looked at Style and Tone and how to deliver a speech in a confident and persuasive way. 

For our warm up we then turned to our interview style question with an emphasis on 'why'?:

If you could study abroad, where would you go/choose and why? From academic/university opportunities in America (Harvard/Yale etc.), to cultural exchange and enrichment in Japan and China, as well as options closer to home in Europe, we saw a great array of ideas and options mentioned. 

Our newsround saw reference to the return of the King to public duties, the ending of the Bute House agreement and resignation of the First Minister in Scotland, the War in Ukraine and US aid, sporting results/fixtures, along with the forthcoming local (and mayoral) elections in the UK. 

We then turned to our debate on the back of legislation in the USA to ban TikTok. The motion: 'This House would ban TikTok'.

The group began with a majority in favour of the ban. Security concerns with China potentially holding/controlling/accessing information and the impact on attention and social media pressure for children weighed heavily on the voting. However, by the second telling a strong set of points, from educational tools, job creation and business development and the practicalities of targeting just one segment of the industry moved many in the group to reject a ban. It was a great debate full of super POIs and active listening. 

Well done all!

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