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The Socratic Club - 21st April

Following a super workshop on source analysis, this weekend we resumed our termly debating and interview club sessions.

For skills this week we returned to the importance of structure in debating and clearly identifying each point for the audience/judge in a debate.

Our warm-up questions looked at three interview style questions:

(i) Describing yourself in 3 words; (ii) if you could take up a new subject at school, what would it be and why? (from business studies, to mechanics and engineering); and (iii) Highlights from the Easter break - from family time, to the Imperial War Museum, Barbados, Skiing, Cycling in Slovakia, Legoland and Hampton Court Palace, Tennis and Golf, and great restaurant experiences. 

We also asked if you could set up a new business, what would it be and why?

This saw a fascinating array of responses including:

  • Statistical finance 

  • Different fuels 

  • A United Nations for Business 

  • Chat GPT for problem solving 

  • An Italian food chain for charity 

  • A Running Club for Business 

  • & top tips for Entrepreneurs

Our newsround saw the Solar Eclipse feature and we touched on events in the Middle East, the Trump trial in the US, the War in Ukraine, prize money for Olympians and Floods in the Gulf. 

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