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The Socratic Club - 25th June

With events unfolding in Russia our Socratic club sessions were reminders of the importance of free speech and the power of discussion and debate. It was incredibly impressive to see that so many of both our groups had taken an informed interest and view on recent current affairs. Well done!

We focussed on:

  • Teamwork as our skill of the week and the ability to listen and to reference colleagues and other speakers constructively.

  • A favourite achievement or moment from this term - and crucially why this was chosen?

  • A Coronation review and Trooping the Colour.

  • Boris Johnson’s resignation.

  • The Interest Rate rise and whether Government should be helping those on variable mortgages.

- this created a fascinating mini 'nanny-state debate' and a wider discussion on the role of Government to help or intervene.

  • Should we follow Keir Starmer’s policy/plan to stop oil exploration in the North Sea and move more immediately to Renewables?

  • Do we have too much technology in schools? And in our lives?

  • In the Senior Group we looked at renewable energy and North Sea oil exploration in the context of the Russia-Ukraine War.

The Junior Group raised concerns about switching to renewable energy overnight and creating a gap, thus forcing up prices and therefore pushed for a measured/gradual approach. They voted at both tellings to reject the motion. The Senior group by contrast recognised the problems, but saw the Russian-Ukraine War as a sign that we should move more quickly and become as energy efficient as possible and as renewable as possible now. They voted 83% to 17% in favour of the motion at the second telling. A shift from a 53% majority in the first vote. Overall it was an excellent set of debates and great to see so many listening (active listening) to other arguments and points being made.

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