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The Socratic Club - 4th December

This week we turned our attention to China's '0' Covid Policy, the potential for hydrogen as a clean fuel and the protests in Iran. Junior Group We began by looking at the '0' Covid Policy in China, with a hearty discussion prior to the more formal debate. The motion: 'Is the policy working?' The motion was rejected with 90% against, in both tellings. Very interesting points were made throughout, with sophisticated arguments and very strong conclusions. The group then explored hydrogen as a clean fuel, as an alternative fuel, and its benefits and drawbacks before we turned to the debate proper, with an excellent set of summary speeches. The vote was evenly split before the formal debate; but then turned against hydrogen post the debate, with the consensus being that using fossil fuels to create hydrogen takes away from it being 'clean'. The Junior group felt that it would be better to focus on Solar and Wind, and other renewable forms of energy.

Senior Group

The group focussed on the protests in Iran in our opening discussions - discussing how and whether the removal of the morality police was an end game in and of itself? A fascinating watch this space news story. It was good to bring members up to speed on the current affairs of the world - particularly in an interview context.

We then turned to China's '0' Covid Policy. As with the Junior Group, the motion was firmly rejected - this time unanimously in both tellings. A focus on lifestyle impacts, human rights, economic impact, all weighed heavily. The feeling was that vaccination should be at the centre of any covid policy, not lockdowns.

As with the Junior group we turned to a discussion on hydrogen - with a similar consensus. Not yet, and not if it was not a truly 'clean' fuel.

It was a delight to see POIs being used so effectively and the use of evidence to support the arguments being made. Well done all!

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