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WCCS Interview Workshop - 11th October

As interview season begins the Socratic club hosted a zoom workshop exclusively for WCCS pupils.

With group interviews and concentration such a key element for assessment day, we were extremely impressed with those attending and their excellent questions throughout.

We covered:

Core questions

Philosophical thinking questions

Current affairs - from global topics to more local news

Unseen work: from texts to paintings and other images

Group interview questions

& Questions for the interviewer

In each case we worked on enhancing responses with the use of mind-maps, positivity, and personalisation. In addition we showed how detail and examples/evidence can transform an answer and avoid unnecessary prompting.

The session involved both group and individual work. It was fantastic to see the questions asked by WCCS students and the very sophisticated way in which they approached the session.

We will be hosting two further workshops specifically on interview work this autumn ... do look out for dates and notifications. More details to follow soon.

Well done to all those present on Wednesday!

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