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WCCS vs Knightsbridge School Socratic Debating Competition - 7th December

As we approach the end of term we held a further Michaelmas debating competition via zoom with our WCCS Junior club and our Knightsbridge Interview and Debating club. It was super to see such excitement from both groups and anticipation for the session. Well done all for showcasing key debating skills, including rebuttal, excellent points of information, team work, active listening and rhetorical questions. Contributions from the main speakers and so too from the floor made for an outstanding debate. WCCS began somewhat ahead with some very confident speeches, whilst Knightsbridge picked up the pace in the second half and ended very assertively. 

In the end after careful deliberation it was 'honours even', with nothing between the sides. 

The motion: 'This House would ban fast food /& or limit the use of sugar in food in the UK'. 

As with our other debating sessions, voting followed similar patterns to those earlier in the term - with the house more or less split on exactly what steps to take. Arguments took in inter alia looking after the health of the nation/public, bringing down waiting lists for the NHS, freedom of choice, reducing plastic waste, encouraging less processed food and better animal welfare, retaining the right to buy inexpensive fast food for those on lower incomes, the complexities of what a sugar tax would actually involve, and jobs/economic impact. 

Well done all! We much look forward to round 2 in 2024!

We greatly look forward to resuming our club sessions in the Lent half and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  

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